Siddharth College is one of the educational institutes situated in the rural area of Bilha Block in Bilaspur district. It aims to inculcate value-based and principled education among the young population of the vast stretch of surrounding area. It started its journey in 2018 with the primary goal of contributing to the public interest by providing high quality education through varied academic programmes that moulds and shapes tender minds of the students into developed citizens. Nurturing students by a bunch of experienced, knowledge packed and energetic teachers is the strongest and the most valuable resource of Siddharth College.

Our Profile

Our college started sailing in a definite direction on the ocean of higher education in 2018 with various subjects. Laboratories are well equipped with all necessary and best quality instruments. We are thinking in a positive direction and our approach is holistic. Our students are not always confined in class lectures. Our teachers are very pragmatic in arranging educational tours and cultural programmes. Days are not far ahead when Siddharth College will be the best among all.


From the Desk of Chairman

Dr. Ajay Tiwari (Chairman)

As a founder and chairman of Siddharth College, I want to see my students bloom and make great career ahead. Our facilities are continuously expanding and we are improving our campus and modernizing education.

Our focus is on evolving efficient, confident leaders with global thinking, which will contribute to the nation building process. We aim to make our students a global leader in professional education also. We make our students to believe in their own capabilities and boost their self-confidence to realize their dream.

I look forward to meet you at the college and assure you to provide exciting educational experience here to fulfill your dreams.

From the Desk of Principal

Dr. Chandrani Tiwari (Principal)

Siddharth College is a new college in the arena of higher education under Atal Bihari Vajpayee University, Bilaspur (C.G.). It is located in the rural sector of Bilaspur district in Bilha block. Our institution is aiming to inculcate value based and principled education among the young population of the vast stretch of the surrounding area. We are always thinking in positive direction and our approach is holistic. A nation can’t stand with head high without discipline. Our teachers are dedicated for building the sense of patriotism, nationalism and social bondage. Our college is catering students from all sections of our society, particularly socially and economically backward students as well as minority class students and look after them with special care. The strong bondage among the teachers, students and employees of the college is our main source of inspiration for marching forward with definite goal and determination.

I am confident that our students will sponge up the opportunities provided by the stimulating environment and they will enrich themselves to build a better future. On behalf of the entire teaching and non-teaching community of Siddharth College, I welcome all the students and extend my good wishes to them and pledge to give our best to fulfill their dreams.

Recent Events of Siddharth College