The Journey

The Journey


The goal of Buddhist philosophy is “Nirvana” and to achieve this it needs to investigate the nature of the world. The only thing which is eternal in Nirvana, David Hume after relentless analysis of the mind concluded that consciousness consists of fleeting mental state.

The Buddhist school of thoughts fosters critical thinking and explores the wider culture and historical dimensions. The modern manifestations of Buddhism and Yoga traditions and their contemporary relevance can be seen in collaborative research, wide range of interdisciplinary, religious studies, yoga studies with inter cultural and multicultural issues.

Our college aims to maintain the tradition of self reliance in the context of spreading education among all sections of society so as to enable students to become worthy citizens of our country. It is our aim to update education as per requirements of the employment houses and higher studies as well.

Every student is an untapped storehouse of talent, skills and capabilities. Siddharth College endeavors to provide a proper environment to identify the capabilities and potentialities of students, nourish their talents and open the doors of their minds to the success of creativity and innovativeness. We help our students to learn every lesson of life on their own and stand up for tomorrow as true and strong citizens of the world.


The core values of justice, sincerity, truth and joy will permeate the entire educational experience. Our vision is to produce such female students who will be responsive to the needs of our world. They should be empowered with the knowledge which gives them power to act.

Our institute must be a dynamic entity so that it becomes a place of social justice and equal access which will contribute to the quality of our nation.

Our vision is to empower students through education, promote values of equality, secularism and national integration, mould their character through discipline and create pen minds.


  • Dissemination of knowledge leading to academic excellence and personal growth.
  • Creating an academic environment for the better quality of teaching learning.
  • Broadening the base of women education.
  • All round development of the students to face their future challenges in life.


  • Empowerment of women in a multicultural environment.
  • Development of a commitment to the preservation of environment and sustainable development.
  • Cultivation of universal social and moral values.
  • Formation of students globally competent through development of communication skills and the use of modern technology.